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Shoot Ogawa Close-Up Vol 1

Shoot Ogawa Close-Up Vol 1




Grand Opening Special:  First 100 Students to enroll receives a full-year’s access to Shoot Ogawa’s Course for only $35.00

Meet Professor Shoot Ogawa

Shoot Ogawa was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, where he began learning magic at the age of 10. Since making pebbles disappear by the river in his back yard, Shoot Ogawa has travelled and performed in over 43 countries.  He routinely performs his award-winning acts for companies such as Toyota, Apple, Google, and Aflac, to name a few.  He is routinely hired to entertain America’s favorite actors for private functions, an honor given to few magicians.

He has been named “Magician of the Year” four times by the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood California.  He was also a featured character in “Magic Master”, a popular Japanese teenager comic book. Lighthouse, one of the most popular Japanese publications, named Shoot Ogawa one of the three best Japanese entertainers in America.

Professional magicians across the globe consider him to be not only one of the best entertainers, but also one of the best teachers of magic. Shoot Ogawa presents the concepts of magic theory in such an engaging manner that students WANT to practice hours a day to become skilled performers! Imagination University is honored to have him teach our very first course: Close-Up Magic 101 with Professor Shoot Ogawa


What’s in the course?


  • 8 Modules
  • More than 100 Effects, Techniques and Tips
  • Private Forum with Shoot Ogawa
  • Study Break Cartoons
  • Over 12 hours of content
  • 365 Days of Access
  • Free Content Throughout the Year From Shoot






How do I start?

It’s extremely easy to start!  Just go to the “Take This Course” button up top and follow the instructions.  Please note that effects and techniques are taught in a linear progression. Unless you are a seasoned magician already, we highly recommend that all students start with Module 1 and progress through Module 8 in chronological order. The reason for this is because each lesson builds upon effects taught in previous lessons. If the student begins mid-stream without learning Shoot Ogawa’s unique methods taught in previous lessons, then it could simply result in frustration for the student because the new effects are too difficult without having learned (and practiced) effects previously taught.


Course Index Below:


Ace King Miracle 2:15

Dealer’s Position 9:02

Three-Card Prediction 11:00

Biddle Grip 17:30

Ogawa Opener 19:08

Straight Talk 26:09

Porky Pig Study Break 28:00


Ace Surprise 0:00

Oil and Water 5:30

Riffle Shuffle 12:53

Ribbon Spread 16:40

Ala Bahma Magician Study Break 19:40


Silly with Shoot Spoon Bending Illusion 0:00

Straight Talk with Shoot Theory 2:15

Jumping Rubber Band 5:06

Crazy Man Handcuffs 11:30

Dribble 17:45

Tales from Vienna Woods Study Break 19:40


Break Technique 0:00

Emsley Count 4:15

Color Transposition 11:30

Silly with Shoot Rubber Pen 17:30


Sponge Ball Talk 0:00

Toss Vanish 1:05

Palming Sponges 5:00

Two Amazing Sponges 6:33

Straight Talk with Shoot Theory 12:50

Patriotic Popeye Study Break 15:40


Marvelous Sponges 0:00

Candy for Sponges 8:40

Straight Talk with Shoot 17:38

Biggs Bunny Study Break 18:08


Silly with Shoot Thumb Removal 0:00

Pen Thru Bill Version One 3:50

Pen Thru Bill Version Two 12:05

Straight Talk with Shoot 18:55

Treasure Island Study Break 21:55


Not a Knot Silks 0:00

Silk Folding 9:15

Insta-Silk 16:28

Rope-A-Silk 20:11


Brainwave 0:00

Olram Subtlety 7:05

Jack Attack 10:42

21 Card Trick Twist 18:33

Pantry Panic Study Break 21:20


Drawer Box 0:00

Drawer Box Tips 5:27

Straight Talk Dexterity 9:00

Coin Thru Hanky 13:08

Coin and Pen Routine 21:05

Coins from Card 29:50

Shoot Coin Demo 43:35

Coin Roll 44:00

Study Break Bunyan 49:30


Coin Spin 0:00

French Drop 5:55


Classic Coin Palm 0:30

Finger Coin Palm 4:30

Thumb Palm 5:35

Ramsay Subtlety 7:35

Study Break Tom Sawyer 10:00


Easy Coin Production (four coins) 0:00

Toss Vanish 6:15

Toss Vanish Discussion 10:50

Hanky Coin Vanish 15:40

Hanky Coin Surprise (bottle production) 19:50

Study Break Porky 26:30


Comeback Rubberband (AWESOME) 0:00

Straight Talk How to Practice  4:30

Comeback Coin 7:20

Laws of Attraction 13:00

Study Break 18:00


Double Life 0:00

Chicago Opener 6:45

How to Display a Card 22:30

Study Break 25:00


Crazy Crayon Illusion 0:00

Discussion on Framing 5:55

Amazing Dice Prediction 10:35

Study Break 19:00


Springing Cards 0:00

Card Setting Exercise Version 1 2:10

Card Setting Version 2 10:10

Devining Rod Card Routine 16:20


Knot off Rope 0:00

Cut & Restored Rope 6:27

Straight Talk w Shoot 15:30

Study Break 19:50


Classic Matrix 0:00

Straight talk 9:15

Shoot Bound 12:32

Study Break 23:10


Wand as Misdirection 0:00

Wand Spin 8:15

Silk on Wand 15:45


Double Undercut 0:00

In jog – out jog 4:35

The Tile 7:20

Key Card 9:05

Four Amazing Kings 12:00

How to Routine Effects 21:30


Roundtable Sessions

Worth the price of the course alone!

8 Sessions Total

  • $125.00 $95.00
  • 365 Days
  • Course Certificate
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